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Thank you so much for the opportunity to bring dinner to your table!

I wanted to share a little back story of how “Come to the Table” was started.

God put on my heart a few years ago, the idea to help get families back around the dinner table together. 

 I cherish the times that my little family of 5 have around the table every night catching up on our day and reconnecting as a family and I wanted to find a way to encourage and help others do the same.  I grew up with a momma that knew how to cook and a family that always put importance on eating dinner together.

Once starting my own family I fumbled through cook books and realized it wasnt as easy to get a yummy meal on the table as my mom made it look.

After a few years of “calling mom in the middle of a dish to get the details on how to pull it off”  I stumbled upon a love for being in the kitchen creating meals.  I always say my food isn’t fancy but it tastes like home, and that is what I want to offer my customers.  Wether you work outside of the home, in your homes, or just need a break from the kithchen for a night, I would be honored to make dinner for your family to enjoy together!